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Raised Green Water Saving Swirling Wind
News  Time:2010/6/22 Click:3608
     PAIYASI as poineers of the technology,for many years been engaged in a water-saving environmental protection products research,with the severe shortage of water resources situation of the global emergence,PAIYASI in the bathroom market which closed to our livers,set off burst of °įgeen energy°Īwind.PAIYASI 4.8L water-saving toilet,transcend national GB 6L water-saving standards,with industry-leading technology,water-saving breakthroughs was come true.In terms of water conservation,momentum,irrigation and so on areas can withstand the most stringent test.
Across age new irrigation methods,emitting a single column from the inside of toilet water,along the inner wall of well-designed toilet,whirlpool-style was washed down,the water achieve a strong flushing power beyond imagination.